Friday, May 22, 2015

Lies And Deceit

X-raying the mind through dreams

Bubblegum wrapper and battery fires

Guide my way

Two skateboarding sisters greet me

Each holding diamonds with numbers

Etched on their side

That only my eyes can see

They open a book of naked faces

And say in unison

“Lies and deceit get folks far at first

In the land of the conscious

But they are of no use here

In the land of the unconscious

Truth is all that works within this world”  

I awake momentarily

To the sound of

Dog claws clicking on the wooden floor

It sounds like a typewriter

In my exhausted state

The dishwasher moans and hums

As it gargles and discharges

Dirty water from its plastic insides


Back asleep I go!!!

A woman sits on the edge

Of a ship’s railing

The ship tilts slowly

Back and forth  

Like a metronome

She’s wearing an all white dress

Her big eyes are looking off to the sea

She says, the waves remind her of

Mountain top cliff drops

She then coughs a key up

Into her mouth

Handing it over she whispers

“There was nothing more than a sunset

Nothing more

Than the beginning of night

The beginning of everything

When one awakes in a dream”

It seems

Inactivity brings the most activity

When eyelids shut for sleep  

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