Sunday, May 31, 2015

Billie Holiday

Rain falling on this tin roof

Sounds like

Magic falling from Zodiac Stars

Billie Holiday’s voice

Plays through these round speakers

It’s about as close to

A perfect ending

On a long hot day

As one could ask for

My memories move through music melodies

As I listen and see her face in my mind

Her smile said it all

Without having to say anything

Gardenias dressing her hair

The horn section is

Blowing beautifully behind Billie

Notes intertwine with notes

Stitching each verse together

With record needles

Following fine lines

On slow spinning vinyl

Raw open emotion

A voice wrapped with every tear

She ever shed

Every love she ever lost

Every love she ever found

Keep singing, Billie

Keep falling, rain


I will be asleep

Singing songs of slight shallow snoring

Until the morning sun wakes me


I start a new day

Once more  

Yes, Billie and raindrops falling

Are not a bad way to end a long hot day

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