Monday, May 4, 2015


Going viral is a good thing

With bad things, sometimes

It forces us to see

Man’s senseless acts

Like the

Despicable devastation of dehorning rhinos

Or hacksawing tusk

From the last of the wild elephants

Leaving their bloody bodies to

Swell and rot in the African sun

I saw this photo the other day

Of someone posing with their

Freshly killed Giraffe

I thought

Who would kill a Giraffe?

I mean really, who would kill these plant eating giants?

These harmless creatures

That roam the scorching savanna

I was dumbfounded…

As the day went by

I could only see in my mind

The sadness of it all

Giraffes with twisted up lifeless bodies

Gray tongues hanging from their mouths

Drops of blood dripping softly

From their noses

And again I thought

Who would kill a Giraffe?

I guess it became a photo for the shooter’s scrapbook

Or a topic for water cooler reminiscing

“What’d you do on vacation?”

“I killed a Giraffe!”

“Oh, did it charge you?”

“Did it endanger your life?”

“No, but it’s dead just the same!”

Imagine if there were really the existence

Of Unicorns

Or Bigfoot

Their heads would certainly be

Side by side with the Giraffes

Hanging over a mantle

Trophies for the dinner party gawkers

To click champagne glasses together


Toast to the terrifying tales of tangling

With these spotted horses on stilts

With stretched necks in the sky

And again, I wonder

Who would kill a Giraffe?

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