Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Falling far

I free fall

Right out of the sky

I’m safe for the moment


Just underneath me

Is life’s swirling lagoon

I’m almost certain

As certain as one can be

That fish never sleep

Like people today


Their caffeine mornings

And nicotine nights

They’re always on the go!

Yes, yes, like fish we’ve all stopped sleeping

Rising energy cost

Might be from

The worlds inability to call it a night?

To sleep

To rest

To just shut its eyes


The rippling waters from human progression

Will ripple a change?

Or it might

Change nothing at all

For the prowling Piranhas

Still must feed

They want

They need

They are needy

While our world is pushed to the brink

Providing perfection and instant gratification

Has created

A disposable discarding culture decades long

It seems to always start small

In time it grows

It grows over time

Like mirrors to the scale-watching bulimic

They refuse to see what’s in front of them

I fear at times

We as humans are just smart enough

To destroy everything before us

Our planet with its

Seas of floating debris

Skies painted with pollution

So thick in some cities

Some say

You can’t even look at the stars  

Yes, we’re just smart enough

To destroy it all

All the way down to the fish

Not sleeping at night

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