Friday, May 19, 2017

In The Beginning

The wolves’ teeth

Are sharp

Ivory daggers



Bloodlust betrayal

A striking contrast

From what was shown


Is it really our fault

When we believe

What we are shown?

What we are told?

When we take someone

At their word?

When we become

Pawns or puppets

By lies!

By trickery!

We all see

What we want to see

In the beginning

Until the truth

Sinks its teeth into us!


In some strange way

The bitter taste



Comes as relief

In the form of reality

Painfully pushing us forward

Like fuel in a piston

Like food for your

Innermost thoughts

You awake one day and see

Lies are like sugar

Their taste becomes empty

In the end


Transparent promises

Seen through!

Like a gypsy peering into

A crystal ball

You will see through every word

As if they were made of glass  

In time

Days become puzzle pieces

Linking together into a

Perfect picture that will be

Impossible to turn away from!   

Hollow gifts

Showing there fangs

Empty words

Empty promises

Swarm like bees

In the spring

Their honey

Ever so sweet at first

So tempting

Till the wolf

Gnashes its teeth


You see

The truth

In his smile

And all

Is balanced once more

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