Monday, May 15, 2017

The Sunset Of Helios

I rest now
My back against
A towering tree
Breeze cooling
The sweat on my skin
Nothing comes easy in this land
Briars and weeds
Thistles and thorns
Tangled vines
Cat claws
That tear at your flesh
But this day of work
Is behind me now!
As I stand to walk
Back home
The sunset of Helios
I think to myself
Days like today
Remind me of my
Humble beginnings
Refocus my mind
On the chessboard of life!
For, your opponent, “This World”
Is clever and crafty
In its moves!
You must dodge its pawns
Its Knights
Its Bishops
Its Rooks
Its Kings and Queens
Take your hits
Move on!
Savor your victories
For, your victories are sometimes
Merely surviving
That day!
Never forget your days
The sunset of Helios

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