Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Peace Sign Crucifixion

The Peace Sign

Was a symbol for

Peter’s upside-down death

His Crucifixion


His death was really right-side up

As he ascended into heaven

To sit with his father

At least this was what my mother told me

She said

This was the true meaning of the hippie’s fork in a circle

It was confusing for my young mind to wrap around

How could this be a meaning of peace?

Of love?


A man nailed to a cross then hung upside-down to slowly die

How could this be a symbol for the children of flowers?

Was their tie-dye perception not tuned in to this info?

My mother seemed to be an expert at telling dark tails

Macabre words flowed so easily from her lips

It was just her way

To see all of the world and share it

Bad or good

She told me once

When she was a child

She saw a little girl pulled from the river

The child had fallen into a water

Into a moccasin nest

My mother said as she sipped her coffee

That little girl had about forty snakes attached to her small body

Their jaws locked into her ghostly white skin

She was dead

Yes, my mother had a gift for the dark

She saw the world for all that it was

And never hid what was unpleasant to see

This poem is from my book : Petals Falling

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