Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pebbles In A Stream

Like pebbles in a stream

Polished day after day

Our souls become smooth from life’s rushing waters

Refining our rough edges

Washing over us

Day, after, day, after, day

And some days

Yes, some days

It can feel like you are drowning

For the water can flow faster than we want it to

This is when I take refuge in the written word

For this is a world of no bills

No bosses with broken promises

With their ever ending need to control you

For in my world of writing there are no pipedreams to be sold

At the cost of my back

For in this world, the villains are created by me

And with the swipe of my pen

They are written away without worry of what

The rest of the cast might think

For I am thinking for them

Bringing them to life to live on in the minds of the reader

You see

Some write for a chance of fortune and fame

Some write because a school handed them a piece of paper saying they’re now a writer

And some simply write to stay alive

To help bandage their sanity

To create a world in which they are finally in control

Of their making

For the one outside

They feel far too alone

This poem is from my book : Petals Falling

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