Sunday, November 9, 2014

Readings And Insights

She calls

She reads

She tells me things that she sees

I hear her fingers shuffle the cards

Fast they seem

They seem so fast

Flipping through my cosmic future

My life to be

Yet, looking at the present with eyes of the mind

The spirit

The soul

Her cat calls in the background wanting to join in

Two sets, she pulls from the sound of my voice saying stop

And she reads

She sees all that is coming my way

Good visions and positivity

Crossroads and searching within

I listen and respect the things I am told 

For she is strong in the worlds that she travels

I want to ask her a hundred and one different questions

But I settle for a few

I’ve found myself wondering from time to time

She said she spoke French as a child

That three pieces of silvery steel I saw standing in the sand of her artwork

The sand of her music  

Came from a fire pit in the woods not far from her home

A city of tall buildings scraping the sky with their rooftops

She said a lot that sparked my creativity

My imagination  

The night she called and read

What the cards had to say  

This poem is from my book : Petals Falling

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