Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poem : The Black Whale Of Doubt

Like the giant whale beast of the sea
Problems slowly move along side me
Parallel to paralyzed
Growing in size
This black whale of doubt does grow
Slowly sucking in
Swallowing me whole
Chewing me up with its thick blunted teeth
Like ivory tree stumps
Crooked and jagged
Made for the chewing of the weak and the breaking of the strong
Then it dives with me
Diving down to the deep depths of insecurity
Fear and anxiety of what hasn’t even happened
The what ifs seem to be worse
Always worse
And the whale, this beast that has now consumed me
Settles at the bottom for a comfortable slumber
Far away from all that has helped me
I’m trapped inside him with no can of pepper to shake
No cigarette to light
Nothing to make this beast release me with an array of uncontrolled sneezing
Oh if fairy tales really existed
So now, I lay helpless in his guts
Breathing the hot stench of misery
The feeling of helplessness seems to be with me
In the darkness there’s nowhere to go
Till you make your mind up to cut your way free
So I dig at the rib-walls that imprison me
Ripping with my knife of determination
Tearing my way out of a lifestyle that once was so manageable
Swimming my way back to the surface
For air and a new chance at life

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