Friday, February 24, 2012

Poem : The Man Of No Chances

Breathing down the devil’s neck
For death’s been in the front seat with me for years
I see clearly the ones that don’t see at all
That are comfortably alive but not living
Meandering about they do
Ready for the fall
Roguish is the world that once was bursting with goodwill
An affliction that now festers on the landscape
Prone to repeat again and again
And again
Glimpsing to the past to only realize this is true
Unfortunately it’s already covered you
For your thoughts have already wrapped around this
You’ve accepted this
Taken this
Embraced this with hugs of affection
Eaten it like a 4 course meal
Then asked for dessert
Like Hell falling from a rain swept sky
It scars with permanent markings
Scars all that it touches with dents and dings
Breaking glass
As easily as you’ve broken promises
The man of no chances
The man of no risk
The man who’s not living at all

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