Thursday, February 9, 2012

Poem : The Ripples Of Life

The turbulent waves crash in the sea of debt
Tossing you with no mercy
No pity
Yet merely, almost always
This sea of towering waves starts out as a pool
Or maybe a puddle
Dictating our lives from decisions we make
Manageable at first, until the room starts to fill up
Just a few drops too much
Just a few bills too many
Then you’re struggling to stay afloat
Like an undertow the phone calls keep calling
The door knocks keep knocking
Like a moth touched too much by the world
No longer able to fly
Unable to escape its predators
Unable to escape our bills
They start to pile up and cover our desk
Then quickly spillover onto the floor
Like a mountain stream swelling with the springs melting snow
Into an unforgiving river of rushing force and destruction
Pushing over its rocky banks of control
Ripping through townships, leveling all in its path
For there’s not much difference between eviction and evacuation
Except how they're perceived

Published at Indigo Rising Magazine March 29 / 2011

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