Sunday, February 26, 2012

Poem : Lachrymatory

The glass Lachrymatory hung just above the breast of a newly widowed wife
Filled with crystal like teardrops from her bloodshot eyes
Tears from weeping over the loss of her husband
Tears from the war taking his life
The small glass vile soaked with sadness
One agonizing drop at a time
Sealed with a cork from her shaking weak fingers
The widow leans in for one last goodbye
Sliding the Lachrymatory into his hands she says in a slight whisper
These tears are from my sadness and grief
Take them with you my love
Hold them and know I’m never out of your reach
For today, I’m not only burying my husband I’m burying my heart
It’s now trapped in this small bottle that has captured my pain
Submerged in my teardrops of sorrow
For crying is all I have left
I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, and days blend together
Darkness is over me now
My love, why were you taken from me
Why, Why, she screamed to the heavens
Then slowly looked down to the nightmare she was living
Whispering again through her black veil of mourning, she said
So as they lower you into the ground hold on to my Lachrymatory
Each tear will comfort you on your long wayward journey
My love, my husband, I’ll see you again

Published at The Fringe Magazine June 23-2011

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