Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Poem : My Bird’s Shadow

There’s a mockingbird that sings so loudly
At times it’s hard to get anything done
This bird has been with me for years
Like a shadow it’s always beside me
Fluttering just out of reach
But sometimes so close I can’t see it
Calling out the sounds of the past
Memories of people and places that have come and gone in my life
Some as quickly as a season
Dropping from me like a leaf from a tree
Falling after its last burst of bright color
Yet almost always this bird lives in the present
Experiencing new things in the world
With a keen eye she watches all that’s around her
Mimicking all that she sees
But some days I know that she struggles
So sensitive
So caring
The slightest emotion can effect her songs
Her chirp becomes barely a whisper
Like a flower closing its petals
Not thriving from too much or too little
Lack of nourishment or overindulgent
Good times or dark days of sorrow
The scales are sometimes hard to balance
Heavily swayed with the weight of the world
But the mocking bird keeps singing
Dropping all of life’s burdens with a few moments of song
Her voice grips my very existence with joy as she takes hold of flight

Published at Raven Images June 11, 2011

Photo By Jason E. Hodges


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