Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Poem : The Last Kiss Of Life

Heat waves rolled in the distance
As a rider approached from the south
Slumped over at barely a gallop, Manuel clung to his saddle
His seat now greased with blood oozing from the hole in his side
He knew what the bullet had cost him
His family, his friends, his homeland
Now he just wanted his wife
To die in the arms of his lover, was all that filled his mind
Gripping the reins he grimaced with each step of the horse
Slowly he made his way through the backcountry
With Mesquite thorns, and diamondback snakes striking the air
The Mexican border lay just ahead
He was almost home as a storm blew in behind him
With all of its darkness it blackened the day
Lightning ripped the sky with crooked sticks of electric fire.
Manuel cried out in agony as his horse plunged in the river
The Rio Grande felt cold on his weak body
Now chilled from his blood running out
Manuel had finally crossed over
To the arms of his waiting wife
To the last kiss, on the last breath of life
Grandma still holds his tatted bandana
She looks at his faded photo while tears fall from her eyes
Now cracked and weathered with time
She thinks of the bullet Grandpa took for the one they called Villa
She sighs and looks in the sky

Published at Raven Images June 11 2011

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