Friday, February 10, 2012

Poem : The Image Of A Raven

A raven’s gaze is suddenly halted by its refection in a small pool of water
Its dark eyes widen with curiosity at the image it suddenly sees
Dust covered feathers with a black shiny bill ripples in the soft waves below
A bird of the night who lives in the day, now sees itself for the first time
Cocking its head it burst into flight
Joining its family above
Circling and scanning for the next meal is always the task at hand
But the raven can’t help but wonder who was that bird down below
The one that looked like all of his friends
The one that appeared all so surprised that the raven was looking right at him
So he tilted his wings and broke from his flock of shadowy flyers
Starting his flight for the outline of buildings
Standing like statues of giants
Giants of stone braking up the horizon
Surely with all of the hustle and high-rises of madness
The Raven could find another one of those magical birds
From the magical moment of the water that morning
And with all the excitement his small heart could take
He suddenly saw his new friend
Looking at him in the pane of a window
As he walked back and forth on the ledge of a ten story scrapper
With joy the raven called out his squawk of talk
Happy to be reunited again
With a step to the air he flew to the ground to see if his new friend would follow
As he stood on the hood of a car
He looked in the windshield he saw his companion
A little longer this time and slightly leaned back
But the raven was sure this had to be him
His shadowed reflection that depends on an object of water or glass
Seems now to be the ravens best friend

Published at Raven Images  June 11 / 2011

Artwork By Jason E. Hodges

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