Monday, February 27, 2012

Poem : Bonnie Elizabeth Parker

The Redheaded Texas poet who was beautifully shrouded in danger
Four foot eleven and ninety pounds of raw emotion
Her misunderstood love affair with walking the edge of life
Only fueled the love affair America was having with Bonnie
Their infatuation with her choice to make her own rules
To live free when most were barley alive at all
To take from the ones who had been doing the taking
Your life will always be a mystery Miss Bonnie
Complex would be a better way to say it
From your red locks down to your high heels a standing
Understanding you was not easy to do
But something was there beneath that hard outer shell
Something that shined through to the masses
Made them almost obsessed with what would come next
For the same hands that fired machineguns wrote poems of heartfelt beauty
The same woman that smelled smoke of gunfire a blazing
Would stop to smell wild flowers on the roadside
Maybe it was the excitement that fed your existence
Maybe it was love
The love of madness living life with no rules
Or just rules of your own
A path few were willing to walk
A path you walked without hesitation
Without even a flinch
Until, at last you were cut down by the bullets from a lawman
Cut down in your prime
Fading into legend

Published at Books On Blog Sep 17, 2011 From the Book of poems called: Don’t Get It Twisted

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