Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Poem : Sandcastles Of Living

Like an infant that sees itself for the first time
The refection of the real me
My poems smothered in sorrow
In fear
In happiness
In joy
Drowning in whatever tidal wave is rolling in that day
That moment
That minute
That second
Nothing in merely small waves lapping at the shore
No gentle first touches from the tide
On the sandcastles I'm living in
No warning that all I know is eroding away
The sandy bulwarks of building fall with the slightest touch
Grain by grain
When you want to live your life to the fullest
When you want to be awake to your true self
And asleep to the world around you
Lumbering through lazily
You’ll know what I mean
Seeing true beauty like daffodils blowing in the distance
Smeared yellow brilliance going into the horizon
Yet colorless when the bulbs have not opened
Opened up for the showing
For the audience to see
It is time for the iris to bloom
For new sandcastles to be built
And life to be lived once again

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