Monday, February 27, 2012

Poem : Voyage Of Love

Sick from love is the kindest sickness of all
To share a piece of your heart is the greatest gift of getting
For love is truly a flutter of the heart
Like a butterfly unbalanced from nectar
Intoxicated from the sweetest of flowers
It’s wings rhythmically moving in a soft symphony of sound
So quite it’s only heard by the hearing
Only seen by the seeing
So large in the eyes of just two
Trying to make sense of it all
All of my senses are trying
To understand why they’re swirling around
Like a perfect time peace my heart just keeps beating
Beating the breath right out of me
Making me feel lightheaded with joy and happiness filling my life
Making me not able to sleep for your words ring in my mind
Your face clear in the darkness
Clear as a photo developed before me
I wonder how your lips must taste
Your skin must feel
Your hair must smell
Heat radiating from your half dressed body
Heat slowly burning and tingling inside
Like steamed windows dripping wet with sweat from the soft touch of your hand
Now a thousand whirlwinds are spinning inside me
As the ship of hearts, keeps bearing its course

Published at Daily Love 8 / 24 / 2011

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