Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Poem : The Race Of Rats

Struggling with all that is me
Or all that is trapped within me
How do I let this out?
Express pain in the kindest of ways
For it sticks to my very existence
Pushing me to the edge
Of where I think, my boundaries might be
Hanging me there by words
By promises of a better tomorrow
Promises my mind now whispers to me
Ever so softly the questions come too
What will become of me now?
But I know there’s not much more road left on my travel
For the race of rats always has a finish
Then it’s time
Time to start all over again
Like night moths desperately searching for light
Fluttering their gray drab wings frantically
Leaving dust from their bodies like blood from a wound
Wanting so badly what they believe will sustain them
Then finding it
Only to be hypnotized by its warmth and beauty
Its incandescent addiction
Wearing itself ragged
Turned away
Paralyzed with the thought of abandonment
For the light can’t burn forever
Nor can the race go on with out ending

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